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How To Go About Finding Cheap Computers
 by: Luke Cameron
Almost everyone knows what a computer is and how to use its basic functions. Some people have their own desktop computers or laptops. Those who do not own a computer may still be able to use one by renting or using the ones in public libraries. However, there are cheap computers that are now available in the market, so it is possible that everyone and their grandmothers will be able to afford it. Computers are really amazing. The technology has evolved so much through the years. A lot of things can be done with the newest models that were not possible on the machines which were the “top of the line” a few decades ago. Give or take a few years from now, the current computers will be phased out and replaced by a more stable, more feature-packed machine.

A few years ago computers were very expensive. One unit of a desktop computer in 1998 cost about $1,600. That’s a lot. Fast forward to the present. The computers in 1998 are nothing compared to the models that we have now. The machines are faster, more durable, and capable of multitasking. Imagine doing so much in so little time! To top it all off, the cost is definitely worth the product. Nowadays, cheap computers are very easy to find. Promo packages as low as $300 are not impossible to find. In fact, they are all over! You might think that cheap computers are not as good as the high-end ones, but that is not the case. You get the same functionality, durability and technology at a very inexpensive price. But where do you find such cheap computers? Stores like Circuit City and Best Buy offer packages that are very inexpensive. However, there is a cheaper alternative – shop online! There are a lot of online stores that sell either promo packages or individual hardware parts for you to assemble. Of course, that is up to you. You purchase a machine that is tailored to your own needs.

These days, owning a computer is essential. There isn’t any industry that does not make use of this technology. Computers aid in learning and working. The world is a much smaller place now because of computers and the internet. There are just countless of benefits you can get from one single machine. And it does not cost much. Cheap computers are now available online. That is functionality and information within your reach.

About The Author

Luke Cameron is the owner of Computer Cubicle, an online magazine offering advice and articles on Computers. You can find his website at: and


DVD Duplication And Replication
 by: Michael Colucci

There are two primary methods that are used to copy DVDs, and these are DVD Duplication and DVD Replication. With the replication method, the disc will be compressed via a glass master, and the image will be printed on the surface of the disc. This will produce an effect that is similar to what you would find in DVDs that are purchased in stores. With the duplication method, the disc will be burned from the original DVD onto a blank DVD. The images from the original DVD may be printed and added to the surface of the new DVD.

If you have the time and money to order a large package of blank DVDs, it is important to make sure you use DVD duplication or replication. There are a large number of companies available that can make professional copies of DVDs. If you use the services that are offered by these companies, it is important for you to make sure they use the "compare and verify" function when they are in the process of burning your discs. A lot of these companies will turn off this feature so they can speed up the time it takes for them to complete the order, but making sure the "compare and verify" function is turned on will insure that you discs are correctly duplicated.

While there are companies available that can mass copy DVDs for you within a short period of time, purchasing your own equipment can allow you to make copies of DVDs. The basic thing you will need is a computer with a DVD burner. A lot of computers now come with DVD burners, and some of them may be able to burn both CDs and DVDs. If you don't already have one in your computer, it can be purchased from your local electronics store. In most cases, internal DVD burners are cheaper than external burners. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements for the DVD burner you are purchasing. Once you have the burner, you will now need to acquire the software.

Some of the most popular DVD burning software are Nero, Alcohol 120%, and Disc Juggler. Another popular program is DVD 2 Copy. Virtually all of these programs can be acquired online or at your local electronics store. If you use a professional company, it is important to compare them with other companies that offer the same service. A good company should test your DVD copies on a large number of different DVD players to make sure they are compatible. In addition to the playback, it is important to make sure your discs have a professional look. If you have a large order, it will take a good company about 4 to 5 days to complete it. However, if you are in a rush, some companies can complete the order in as little as 2 days.

When it comes to disc storage, you will often be given the option of "mini" or "full size." Full size will give you the maximum amount of space per disc, which is about 8.4 gigabytes. The mini size will give you about 1.47 gigabytes of space per disc. The size that you choose is dependent on your needs.


About The Author Michael Colucci is a writer on DVD Duplication at which is part of the network.

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